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There comes a time when something needs to shift in order for us to succeed. read my blog for information to help you navigate these pivot points in life.  

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Define courage in your own terms. What is an example of a time when being courageous worked out in your favor? What does courage look like for you today?

Journal Prompt

April 18, 2023


Are you allowed to make mistakes? Where does the pressure come from to NOT make mistakes? How does the source of this pressure change how you think about it? How you deal with it? What is your experience when you make a mistake? How do you cope with the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that come […]

Journal Prompt

March 15, 2023


What makes you feel heard? Seen? Understood? Do you need to communicate this insight to the important people in your life? Why? Why not? What to you take pride in regarding how you communicate? What feedback have others given you about how you communicate? What circumstances lead you to stop communicating with someone? How does […]

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February 28, 2023


Consider your values and beliefs. With those in mind, how would you define your life’s purpose? What experiences align with this purpose? Which do not? How does your purpose impact your choices?

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February 21, 2023


adjective Without over-thinking it, what makes you special? What is it about your personality, character, views, experience, skills, etc that is “different from what is usual”? What makes you feel special? How can you use this insight to improve your daily experience?

Journal Prompt

February 14, 2023


What are you currently “what if”-ing? Consider the most impactful or bothersome topics that you find yourself thinking about and answer these questions. Is this a valid topic that I need to spend time working out? Where is my power as it relates to this topic? What is outside of my control? Do I find […]

Journal Prompt

February 13, 2023

What If

How do you experience fear? What does it feel like in your body? What patterns of thought or behavior to you notice when you are scared? What story to you tell yourself about how you respond to fear? How can you use this information/insight to improve your experience the next time fear comes up for […]

Journal Prompt

February 9, 2023


“Our obligation is to trust our capacity to lead and to gather the tools and training necessary to do it well.” – Stacey Abrams, Lead from the Outside


April 11, 2022

Something I am learning

“Civility calls upon us to advocate effectively without losing our humanity and to challenge ourselves to make a contribution to our world.” -Paula Lustbader, J.D.


March 1, 2022

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