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About Lacy

I am a counselor, educator, and human. I grew up in Wyoming and have family throughout Colorado. I began my career as a high school agricultural education teacher. In that role, I enjoyed the relationships I developed with students, families, and communities. So when I was considering a career change, I decided to combine my expertise in career & tech ed with the relationship and service of counseling. It has been my honor to serve in diverse communities in Colorado, Kansas, Illinois and Wyoming. I have nine years of counseling experience. I believe in a collaborative, holistic, strengths-based approach to therapy. Please read below for more details about my experience, beliefs, and qualifications. Book a free 15-minute consultation to see if I can help you in your situation. 

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Licensed Professional Counselor, Wyoming Mental Health Licensing Board
​#1675- Expires 09/03/2025
Licensed Professional Counselor, Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Div. of Professions and Occupations
​​#17704- Expires 08/31/2025

Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional
PDA North America Level 1 & 2 Certifications

Advanced Training
Trauma Therapy
Career Counseling

B.S. Agricultural Education, Oklahoma State University
M.S. Counseling & Student Development, Kansas State University

Therapeutic Methods and Approaches
Every person is unique and so are the problems we face. For these reasons, I believe that therapy should be tailored to fit you. Below are some of the approaches to counseling that align with my values and I have used in professional practice. As you will see there are some commonalities among them and you can expect to engage in any/all of the methods listed here throughout your sessions.
Solution-Focused: Evidence-based short term counseling that uses your goals to direct the course of therapy. As the name suggests, we look for solutions and ways to accomplish your goals rather than digging deep into your problems. By identifying strengths and pathways to take action toward your goals you change behavior and improve your life.

Adlerian: Evidence-based brief counseling that is humanistic and goal-oriented. Therapy involves exploring your desire to be successful, how you connect to others, and how you contribute to society. Learning about your personality and evaluating your current situation will help you identify your goals and take steps to improve your life.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Evidence-based short term counseling that focuses on your present situation. This approach examines how your current thoughts and feelings influence your behavior. It is a problem-solving approach and the goal is to change your thought process in order to change your situation.

Culturally Sensitive: Focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of your background and beliefs. In order to provide quality therapeutic services, it is vital that I acknowledge my own cultural background and how yours is different from mine. Factors that may be taken into consideration include age, beliefs, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. I strive to serve you by having open communication regarding our cultural backgrounds in order to gain a deeper understanding of your experience to guide your goals and process. 

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